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Broken pins are no longer a problem

Thanks to the thermographic analysis of Mhira3D, Imago has created a new algorithm capable of identifying the presence of broken pins on the cast par
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Imago Calibration System: towards full automation

Camera calibration is essential for Vision Systems to work properly and deliver accurate and reliable data.Imago's attention is always aimed at optimizing the efficiency of this basic process.That's why...
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Oil pan cover control

The Imago Magpie system specializes in mechanical processing controls at the end of the production line.
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Mhira3D: a history of innovation to revolutionize die casting

The evolution of a unique system told by the man who experienced it firsthand. The interview with Attilio Chillemi, founder and CEO of Imago.
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Offering the best is a team effort!

Imago is pleased to formalize a collaboration that has given great satisfaction over the last few years. It is always inspiring to see how two complementary companies are able to work together on projects that make...
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The role of technology: how evolution depends on algorithms, hardware, software and research.

Thanks to technological progress, industry has changed much more than you think. We received the opinion of Francesco Magri, head of research and development of artificial vision in imago.
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Imago & Colimatic: a fundamental synergy for quality control on thermoforming machines

The fruitful collaboration with Colimatic, a world-renowned manufacturer of thermoforming machines based in Brescia
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Feasibility study: new equipe robotic cell for preliminary tests

Imago's Feasibility Studies Department has recently implemented a new extremely flexible robotic cell for feasibility studies,equipped with advanced tools, cameras and laser triangulators.
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Mhira3D: thermal anomaly detection. New features for quality die-casting

Mhira3D, a vision system for the die-casting industry developed by Imago, is able to perform a 3D integrity analysis and verify the completeness of the print as soon as the part is extracted from the press and is still...
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Vision systems between present and future: Three experts and a round table

What elements have helped the spread of vision systems? How is digital vision evolving? What are Imago’s offer main features in the quality control scenario through vision systems?
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Mhira3D: Full description

Integrity control of the casting & thermal monitoring of the process
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Mhira3D at work in real production conditions

In this video we see an example of real operation of the Mhira3D, installed in collaboration with our partner Idra. Thanks to its small size, Mhira3D is easily integrated into the die-casting cell. Its flexibility and...
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Mhira3D on the April issue of @Meccanica e Fonderia.

Mhira3D is the innovative Imago vision system that allows you to simultaneously analyze both the part extracted from the press and the thermal process.
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Prevention and optimization: the in-line controls that make a difference

@Francesco Magri talks about the applications and advantages of Imago vision systems for thermoforming machines in the latest issue of Tecnolab. Also available online. #Imago #envisionyourfuture #termofomatrici...


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In-line control of drawing processes

Thanks to the editorial staff of EuroWire for the publication of an article about Imago and the Eagle-DIE device in their January special dedicated to Italian companies in the drawing sector. #Imago #envisionyourfuture...


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Automation & Biomedical: Imago vision systems in Copan Group

Imago vision systems in @Copan Group: interview with Ing. Stefano Oliani.


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3D vision system for defects control of steering housing

Anglerfish for Steering Housing is a particolar Anglerfish vision system recently conceived by Imago to identify and check the defects of the steering housing units after the trimming phase. The verification takes place...
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Webinar: Artificial Intelligence - A practical using guide

A Webinar dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, to explain how it will support the improvement of many production processes. Imago illustrates examples of AI applications in different sectors.
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Blockchain certification for die casting: Imago and Copan sign a collaboration with Ezlab. An alliance in the name of innovation

The valuable partnership between Imago and Copan has stood out for years for its attention to the future in their respective reference markets, biomedical and industrial.  The development of the most innovative...
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Anglerfish for Steering Housing: 3D vision system for defects control of Steering Housing

Issue 5 of @A&L talks about Anglerfish for Steering Housing, the Imago 3D vision system for checking steering housing defects

A&L Aluminium & Alloys

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Imago and Copan: a synergy in the name of innovation

The various applications of Imago devices in Copan Group explored through an interview with Stefano Oliani on today's edition of Thanks to the editorial staff.  

Brescia Oggi

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We keep an eye on quality... or rather three!

Imago vision systems for die-casting on the June issue of @The Next Factory...thanks to the editorial staff! #Imago #envisionyourfuture #diecasting...

The Next Factory

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Packaging and print quality, Colimatic's experience with Imago

Imago has developed a vision system for the Colimatic packaging machine manufacturer. Installed at an end customer in Japan, this system takes care of the print quality verification within a complete line.

The Next Factory

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Imago vision systems for die-casting

Imago vision systems for die-casting on the June issue of A&L Alluminio e Leghe...thanks to the editorial staff! #Imago #envisionyourfuture #diecasting #pressreview

A&L Alluminio e Leghe

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Industry Study: 83% of US Temperature Screening Sellers Falsely Say Not Medical Devices

83% of US companies selling temperature screening devices, aka 'fever' detectors, claim they are not medical devices, contrary to FDA definition, showing widespread abuse and undue public risk.
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The importance of vision systems in assembly lines

For more than twenty years Imago has been designing systems for product quality control and production line management. In recent years, vision systems are increasingly being adopted for control as they do not involve...

PubliTec - Soluzioni di Asemblaggio

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Our Partners

During its twenty years of experience in technological precision, Imago has established and consolidated many partnerships with major companies of the metallurgy, die-casting, thermoforming and biomedical sectors,...
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How to create added value in the die-casting sector

Thanks to the editorial staff of @Costruire Stampi for dedicating an article in the April issue to Imago vision systems for die casting. #Imago #envisionyourfuture...

Costruire Stampi

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A quality viewing

@The Next Factory, May issue, talks about Imago solutions dedicated to the Drawing sector with an in-depth analysis of the new Eagle - Die Inspection Machine device. Have you already browsed it? LINK #Imago...

The Next Factory - Aprile/Maggio

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Artificial vision systems for In-line production control

Imago on @Automazione Oggi, May issue. #Imago #envisionyourfuture #pressreview #adv

Automazione Oggi

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DragonFly ™: the ultimate thermal camera

An innovative tool, standing out for its reliability and absolute precision.

Repubblica Roma

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DragonFly™: technological innovation at the service of the common good

To respond to the current health emergency generated by the new Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), Imago, in close collaboration with the Copan Group, promptly created DragonFly™, a device with a thermal imaging...
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Rolling ring drive ready for industry 4.0

@EuroWire’s March issue features #Eagle, the new Imago device for the analysis and dimensional control of dies of any shape in metal-drawing industry. Find out more: LINK PAGINA SITO EAGLE #Imago #envisionyourfuture...

Eurowire magazine

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Image professionals

The feature article “Industrial Vision Systems” of the March issue of @The Next Factory talks about the solutions developed by Imago for Thermoforming machines and for the Biomedical sector. #Imago...

The Next factory

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Coronavirus emergency: Imago and Copan in the front line

During the current global emergency generated by the new COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, Imago and Copan are in the front line. Copan is a world leader in collection and handling systems in the realm of pre-analysis;...
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Telecentric optics

Have you ever heard about telecentric lenses? Telecentric lenses receive only collimated light rays that are parallel to the optical axis. The lens dimension is...
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Imago and Copan sign a valuable partnership

Copan's partnership with Imago is now official. It represents a strategic choice for both companies: while Imago aims to use Copan's skills to make new and important investments in research and development,...
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Multispectral cameras

Multispectral cameras, which are divided into linear and matrix cameras, provide images that allow us to see beyond the visible range. They mainly exploit two technologies: the first uses a prism, placed immediately...
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Thermography, or Infrared Thermography, is a technique that allows to determine the surface temperature of objects, measuring their infrared radiation through the use of an appropriate Thermal Imaging camera; the...
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Inspection of complex shaped automotive parts

This month we have created a system for the inspection of complex shaped pieces. Thanks to the combination of different acquisitions and their elaboration through a software of our production, it is possible to build...
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Our policy is to focus on technological progress to offer our customers highly innovative and quality products, and to act as forerunners in the Brescia area. This time, we explored and deepened the world of the...
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Control system for drawn bars

This month we present the new straightness control system for drawn bars. The system, located at the end of the line, allows to control up to 3600 bars per hour, with very high precision, and guarantees the tracking and...
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At any point in space, light waves emitted by natural or artificial sources oscillate in random directions, while remaining always perpendicular to the direction of propagation, giving rise to a light called...
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Imago & Leonardo: the art of collaboration

Cameron is happy to announce that the production of two innovative machines, in collaboration with our partner Leonardo, leading company of industrial automation, will be completed this month. It is a pleasure for us to...
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Direct light and Diffused light

Direct and diffused light. Properly illuminating an object to highlight particular features is not easy. The most important factor that must be considered is the orientation of the light. Direct light has an...
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Print quality check system - Surgical suture sector

This month we've flown to Japan to install a brand new Print Quality Check System. Our products for packaging machines are present worldwide also thanks to our partner Colimatic Packaging Solutions.
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Playing Chess with a robot

In collaboration with COPAN, world leader in the automation of systems for biomedical laboratories, we have created a new application of chess game with a robot. The application was presented at this year's ECCMID fair...
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Dark-field and Bright-field

While looking in the mirror, have you ever wondered whether you are actually watching the mirror itself, or what is reflected by it, that is yourselves? How can a vision system analyze a reflecting surface if the...
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Profile scanners

Profile scanners are 3D Acquisition devices that combine a laser projector and a high-speed camera. By observing from a certain angle of view the deformed laser line projected on the inspected part, the camera is...
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Pulleys control

One of the challenges we won this month is an innovative system dedicated to pulleys. In particular, it checks their machined surfaces searching for porosities and other kind of defects. Moreover, it performs...
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Line Scan Cameras

Very high quality images for high resolution. In Imago line scan cameras are increasingly used to achieve results that the standard area scan cameras can't obtain. A line...
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Surface defects on die-cast covers

Imago developed for Cavagna a new system which checks surface defects on die-cast covers. The machine has been designed and implemented to work 24 hours a day without the operator presence. The analysis detects...
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Dimensional control of steel bearings

Imago developed for Gimab a new vision system for dimensional control of steel bearings. The machine has been designed and implemented to work 24 hours a day without the operator presence. The software can measure the...
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Equipment for multi-dimensional and flatness checks for large products. Centimetre resolution and geometric method for performing independent checks on the rotary translation of objects.
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360° rotor checking equipment

Machine for 360° defect checks in one second: checks for the presence of a third wire, checks the closure, integrity and position of the hook, checks cable wires, checks the turning test, checks surface collector...
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Cap checking machine

Machinery made in collaboration with our partner, which performs dimensional, integrity and colour checks on the plastic valve covers for car wheels. Over 3 pieces per second.
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