Coronavirus emergency: Imago and Copan in the front line

Imago Vision - Coronavirus emergency: Imago and Copan in the front line
During the current global emergency generated by the new COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, Imago and Copan are in the front line. Copan is a world leader in collection and handling systems in the realm of pre-analysis; the invention of products such as synthetic fiber swabs has improved the quality of microbiology tests. At the same time, the company develops innovative solutions in the field of automation of bacteriology laboratories. Imago is active in the Biomedical sector with control systems and thermal imaging cameras that allow to verify the processes of bacterial growth and identification of bacterial colonies. By making use of their respective skills and the consolidated partnership, the two companies are already developing new projects to tackle the new viral emergencies, in compliance with the provisional guidelines published on February 2nd by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the collection, handling and testing of clinical samples in case of suspected infection. In fact, in the guidelines it is recommended to collect the samples using only synthetic fiber swabs with plastic rods, in case of potential infection. Tests are also underway on a new totem, designed to be positioned at the entrance of the factories, which through a thermal imaging camera is able to measure body temperature, thus identifying subjects with fever.