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Complete end-of-line control distinguishes your company. It allows the customer to supply only pieces that are compliant, checked by an objectified system that keeps track of every single piece in the batch. The customer is satisfied, and litigation is drastically reduced. Processes can bring to light previously invisible defects, such as porosity, or damage, like broken edges or non-compliant burrs. Check the entire production immediately before packing, which ensures the customer and your company are saved from expensive and risky recalls.


  • Porosities are identified for individual dimensions, density and distance, as shown in the graphic examples, and on the basis of these characteristics, the parameters and rejection levels are set.
  • Presence of centimetric burrs, both in the holes and on the edges.
  • Integrity and regularity of the edges.
  • Surface finishing degree of processing.
  • Cracks, breakages and dents
  • Reading data matrix, QR code, barcode and stamps of various types.
  • Standard resolution of 0.1 mm system, however, on request, also configurable for higher resolution.

Operational features

  • Automatic and guided recognition of machined surfaces.
  • Automatic search for defects in selected areas.
  • Individually configurable compliance parameters.
  • Objective and tracked checks of every individual piece.
  • Analysis of possible production drifts.
  • Infinite number of settings, with response times of a few tenths!
  • Automated format changes.
  • Differentiable waste types, with different alarm levels to allow targeted interventions.
  • Guided and simplified creation of new formats.
  • User management with passwords and permissions with variable level configurations.
  •  Multilingual interface.
  • Possibility of remote support.

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