As required by modern die-casting products, the most advanced control systems offer specific, objective and documented quality checks which are also useful for any blockchain certification.

This kind of technology can’t anymore rely on the naked eye for the searching of defects.
Besides an effective inspection, a complete control during all the production cycle phases allows to trace the whole production and to interact in real time with the machines, for a consequent global improvement in quality.

Production Process

Imago has created three devices, to be inserted and interfaced in the die casting cell, for the control of the single product after the Casting (Mhira3D), Trimming (Anglerfish) and Machining (Magpie) phases. These systems offer considerable advantages: besides the high precision of results and the innovative interfaces, they provide complete storage of data, including related images and machine settings. This valuable information can be interfaced with any management software to monitor and improve production.

Industry 4.0

All the software developed by Imago meets the requirements of Industry 4.0. This allows us to constantly maintain a high production standard.
The IoT, the network interconnection between machines, allows production data to be always available and to intervene in real time in case of drifts and repeated errors due to variables on the machinery.


Designed for the operator, it ensures intuitive and guided interaction. The simplicity of our systems managing further optimizes productivity.

Inspection data and related images, that are generated by objectified and tracked checks for each individual part, represent a safeguard for the manufacturer and a guarantee for its customers.

Thanks to the storage and processing of data obtained from all the systems, the entire production process is constantly optimized to guarantee its correct and continuous functioning over time.



Remote assistance

Track & Trace

IoT 4.0

Web Interface

Production data analysis