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3D system for checking the integrity of parts after shearing It is very important to check the integrity of the piece after shearing.

The various types of defects present in a work-ready piece are often not even visible to an expert human eye. Some defects only become visible after processing, others will no longer be visible and end up being sent to the customer as non-compliant. Even if they are not compliant, it is important to prevent a defective piece from being processed, as it adds significant costs, with the serious risk the customer will receive a non-compliance. We track every single piece, and undertake objective and documented checks, the result is customer satisfaction, economic savings and peace of mind. Anglerfish operates in line and respects production cycle times, and therefore controls the entire production.


  • Checks for excess or defective materials up to 0.2 mm.
  • Also checks partial occlusion of the holes (burrs and broken plugs).
  • Checks planar deformation of the piece.
  • Full control of piece integrity.

Operational features

  • The areas checked are individually configurable for all of the pieces, each layer has an unlimited analysis area.
  • Infinite number of piece settings, with individual analysis times of under one second.
  • Automated format changes.
  • Differentiated types of waste with different alarm levels to allow targeted interventions.
  • User management with passwords and permissions that allow variable levels of configuration.
  • Guided and simplified production of new formats.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Possibility of remote support.

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