Anglerfish - Vision systems

Vision systems


3D systems for post Trimminig integrity control of the part

Anglerfish - Vision systems
Anglerfish - Vision systems

After trimming, it is very important to check the integrity of the part. Anglerfish performs this type of control in 3D and inspects the flatness and regularity of the trimmed areas, detecting excesses or defects of material up to 0.2 mm and eventual, even partial, occlusions of the holes.
By this method, defects that become visible only after machining can be prevented, thus avoiding waste.


3D vision system for defects control of

Steering Housing

Anglerfish for Steering Housing is a particular Anglerfish vision system that allows you to identify and check the defects of the Steering Housing. This inspection takes place after the trimming phase through a 3D control system that can examine parts of any shape and complexity.

Anglerfish for Steering Housing inspects a part in a few seconds and is able to identify defects of various kinds in a few steps, by comparing it with a a dynamic and constantly updated reference.

Flexibility, precision and ease of use give Anglerfish for Steering Housing enormous potential, which guarantees an undisputed competitive advantage to the company.

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Anglerfish - Vision systems

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Anglerfish - Vision systems

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