At the customer's request, off-line control machines have also been developed for total or sample production check.

The machines are developed by Imago, in collaboration with our automation partners, according to the control and cycle time requirements indicated by the customer.

Electric rotor checking machine

360° defect control in one second: third wire presence check, closing control, hook integrity and position check, wire in slot check, turning control, manifold surface defects control, scrap presence check.

Cap checking machine

The machine performs dimensional, integrity and colour checks on plastic car wheel valve covers. Over 3 pieces per second.

Machine for electric lug sleeves check

One of the fastest machines by Imago. With a 360° analysis, it checks the surface integrity of 15 pieces of electric lug sleeves per second. Thanks to its high reliability, this machine enables to automate and speed up the following production phases.

Oven control machine 

Machinary for multi-dimensional and flatness checks on large products. Centimetre resolution and geometric method for performing independent checks on the roto-translation of the object.



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