Mhira3D - Vision system

Vision system


Casting Integrity Check and Process Thermal Analysis

Mhira3D - Vision system
Mhira3D - Vision system

As soon as the part is extracted from the press, it is immediately checked by Mhira3D (as is done with proximity sensors). Mhira3D three-dimensional vision system is able to verify the integrity of the part with extreme speed and precision even in its most hidden zones. At the same time the system produces a thermographic map that shows any thermal drifts even in small areas of the die by analyzing the part. All this with a cycle time of less than one second.

Mhira3D is the first device to allow defects check of the part and thermographic control at the same time through specific Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


Mhira3D - Vision system

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Mhira3D - Vision system

Vision systems for die casting

Modern die casting products require specific, objectified and documented quality controls. This kind of technology can’t anymore rely on the naked eye for defects detection. In addition to effective inspection, complete control at all stages of the production cycle allows you to track all production and interact with machines in real-time, resulting in an overall improvement in quality.