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area supporto

Support Area

Hundreds of cameras are in operation at our client's premises all over the world. They are essential to operate machinery or the lines on which they are installed, and are important for manufacturing in general.

A good remote support service, that's well-organised and well-managed, efficient, fast and certain, safe, calm, and above all, offers large economic savings. Our team of technicians and support programmers are designed to help you, wherever you are, to solve your problems, whether they involve support for equipment or developing apps.

Thanks to the remote support software (Assistenza Imago), which is available in the Download area, and its reliability, simplicity, security, economy and performance characteristics, we can now supply you with a new, highly significant remote support service and ensure connection to the camera used on your production line, immediate, reliable and ultra-efficient, just like we were physically present at your workstation. Instant connection all over the world, without call charges, on protected bandwidth, with or without an operator on the machine.


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Imago Support:


download software
UPS for the electrical panel

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