Thermoforming and Packaging


Imago has developed several visual control systems for thermoforming machines.
The systems are mainly applied in the food and medical sectors.

With its twenty years of expertise in the world of artificial vision, Imago operates in visual control systems for thermoforming machines, with particular application in the crucial sectors of food and medical, offering cutting-edge solutions, with very high precision, maximum reliability and a always innovative and flexible approach to the individual needs of its customers.

Our focus is twofold: guaranteeing the reduction of investment costs and production line downtime and exponentially increasing the accuracy of the measurements. For a twofold result: absolute certainty of the outcome of the check through a highly qualified detection process and optimal satisfaction of our customers' certification standards.

Video and Photos

Print quality check system - Surgical suture sector
Material presence control
Product integrity & compliance
Sealing control
Vision system for thermoforming machines

Software features

The software's special tools allow the users to deal with the multiple variables that arise in the various production sectors. The strength of our software is facilitated learning that allows the user to quickly and easily configure the various formats of the objects and/or prints to be checked, thus becoming autonomous in the possible addition of new products.

Of particular importance is the tool to reduce the reflections generated by the variability of the thermoformed object and / or by the objects to be controlled; these reflections are often the cause of sub-optimal functioning of the vision systems.


Designed for the operator, it ensures intuitive and guided interaction. The simplicity of our systems managing further optimizes productivity.

Inspection data and related images, that are generated by objectified and tracked checks for each individual part, represent a safeguard for the manufacturer and a guarantee for its customers.

Thanks to the storage and processing of data obtained from all the systems, the entire production process is constantly optimized to guarantee its correct and continuous functioning over time.


Remote Assistance
Track & Trace
IoT 4.0
Web Interface
Production data analysis

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