Line Scan Cameras

Imago Vision - Line Scan Cameras

Very high quality images for high resolution.

In Imago line scan cameras are increasingly used to achieve results that the standard area scan cameras can't obtain.

A line scan camera is an image acquisition device whose sensor is a single line of photosensitive elements (pixels). in opposition to Area Scan sensors, that acquire rectangular images (frame), line sensors acquire images line by line based on the encoder signal received.

Thanks to this functional principle, the acquisition can be done with a linear or rotating movement adding also more flexibility. An application example is the bottles or phial scan that returns a perfect planar image of the labels or codes printed on them. This technology allows us to focus the light in a reduced space, obtaining more stable and uniform results which improve considerably the image quality. Line Scan Cameras are an excellent technology which helps us to satisfy our clients needs always asking for better quality in-line check.