Imago Vision - Thermography
Thermography, or Infrared Thermography, is a technique that allows to determine the surface temperature of objects, measuring their infrared radiation through the use of an appropriate Thermal Imaging camera; the relative heat of the object is represented by a Thermal Image. The applications of thermography are many: from security to construction, from precision agriculture to medicine, the thermal imaging camera has become one of the main non-contact diagnostic tools. In particular, a suitable field for its application is represented by the industrial field. A thermal analysis performed on a production plant consisting of complex machinery, ovens or systems that operate at high temperature will return useful information for preventive maintenance of the plant and for the product quality. In other words, the automatic detection of areas with thermal irregularities or foreign bodies allows their simple and rapid localization. Identifying such criticalities in advance allows us to guarantee reliable and error-free production. Therefore, Thermography has become one of the most important diagnostic methods in many sectors.