Profile scanners

Imago Vision -          Profile scanners
Profile scanners are 3D Acquisition devices that combine a laser projector and a high-speed camera. By observing from a certain angle of view the deformed laser line projected on the inspected part, the camera is capable of computing the height of the part profile. Through a rapid scan a profile scanner can reconstruct a complete 3D model of the inspected part by acquiring multiple profiles while the product is passing under the sensor. A profile scanner basically works as a standard scanner but the information contained in every single line is not limited to the color but includes also the profile height. Thanks to 3D devices and analysis it's now possible to bring the speed and the flexibility of vision system to inspections that before where only possible through mechanical feelers or complex structures that consume an amount of time that rarely suits the requirements of an in-line system. Some of the most common 3D applications are integrity check, planarity check, completeness check and robot guide systems capable of picking parts directly from a bin. 3D systems are also robust to light changes, color variations, difference in finishing and even stains that usually disturb traditional 2D systems. Imago is deeply involved in 3D system development to offer its customer the best reliability and precision they might need.