Imago Vision - Feasibility study: new equipe robotic cell for preliminary tests

Feasibility study: new equipe robotic cell for preliminary tests



Imago's Feasibility Studies Department has recently implemented a new extremely flexible robotic cell for feasibility studies. Inside, an anthropomorphic robot, an axis for linear scans and one for 360 ° inspections are installed. Advanced lighting tools, equipped with cameras, special optics, laser triangulators, polarizers and filters, complete the cell and allow you to efficiently analyze each case through the various artificial vision techniques, to find the most suitable solution for the development of your application.

This is an important investment that allows us to expand the possible cooperation with our customers on the most diverse projects.

Imago adopts an approach tailored to the needs of the customer. The company that contacts us for a problem to be solved relating to its product or production line can count on the feasibility study of the controls to be developed, a fundamental step offered by Imago as a preliminary and free service.

How does it work?

After an initial inspection at the customer'spremises, the samples to be checked are subjected to a series of laboratori tests.The suitable devices are identified based on the type of defect to be detected and taking into account the overall dimensions available on the specific production line. This allows us to under stand if it is possible to solve there ported problems and how to do it.

Following exhaustive consultations, the performer tests and related results are documented. Only in the event of a positive out come will the offer be formulated.

The feasibility study takes advantage of the twenty years of experience we have acquired and is carried out using the most advanced technological tools and customized Imago software.


What are the strengths of the feasibility study?

  • Free service
  • Effective solutions
  • Transparency
  • Synergy with the partner
  • Solutions based on multi sectoral experience


The objective of this first phase is to establish a relationship of mutual trust with the partners, which can lead to a real sharing in the definition of the project, the objectives and the results to be obtained, as well as increasing the company's know-how, as we face new challenges in different sectors.

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