Imago and Copan sign a valuable partnership

Imago Vision - Imago and Copan sign a valuable partnership
Copan's partnership with Imago is now official. It represents a strategic choice for both companies: while Imago aims to use Copan's skills to make new and important investments in research and development, Copan plans to optimize operational efficiency thanks to the technological innovations developed by Imago in recent years in computer vision, quality control and automation. There is already an important synergy between Imago and Copan: in fact, for some years a group of Imago engineers has been working diligently with Copan to develop new solutions for the control and tracking of the production systems of the microbiological sample collection and storage devices. In addition, thanks to Imago's engineering team, Copan has benefited from the latest software developments in terms of artificial intelligence for its automation systems. Thanks to this important partnership, Imago’s Research and Development, now entrusted to a team of highly specialized engineers, will be further enhanced, with the possibility of raising the technological innovation level of all the Italian and foreign companies that will choose Imago vision and control systems.