Imago designs and manufactures artificial vision systems for production control. It has developed innumerable applications over the years, in the most diverse sectors. These are mainly installed on production lines.

Many checks are performed, and the main divisions per sector are shown below.



• Dried fruit, presence of foreign bodies

• Bottling, checks of levels, cap closures, label applicationquality



• Camshafts, model recognition and orientation

• Engine covers, silicone laying

• Rims, recognition and orientation

• Piston bodies, glue distribution and format recognition

• Bearings, checks on geometry, rollers present and their orientation, OCR, cracks

• Bearings, roller surface analysis

• Bearings, orienting for machining

• Special airbags, chrome treatment analysis

• Headrest tubes, centimetric dimensions

• Special dashboards, screen printing and button illumination analysis


Household appliances

• Iron, glue presence and checking its correct distribution

• Oven (cavity), centimetric distances and flatness measurements

• Springs for refrigerators, presence of grease and re-checks of lever

• Gas plans, presence of components

• Side by side, component presence



• PC cards, format recognition, presencecomponent analysis and presence of welds

• LCD display, functional checks (switching on for each segment, backlighting checks)



• Electric coils, dimensional analysis, wire welding on pins, wire overlap

• Electrical terminals, sizes

• Electric scooters, presence of cracks, processing witness

• Fittings, defects and measurements, recognition and orientation, presence of Teflon on wires

• Galvanized nuts, diameter measurements, hole centring checks



• Plastic pipes, gasket assembly verification

• Plastic fittings, guidarobot


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