Biomedical sector

Biomedical sector

In the Biomedical sector, we collaborate with some of the most high-profile companies in Italy, creating control systems that can be installed on machines and entire lines of analysis laboratories. With our control systems the production, assembly and packaging processes for products in this sector are also checked, such as bags for transfusions and for antibiotics, blood catchers, items for internal use, materials for analysis (cotton rods, needles, syringes, etc.).


Petri dishes monitoring system

Our control systems are installed on hundreds of machines and lines in analytical laboratories, dedicated to the analysis of Petri dishes. These systems allow to verify the processes of seeding, bacterial growth, counting and recognition of bacterial colonies, as well as the processes of behavior of inhibition discs applied to bacteria.


The medical bag control system

The control system installed on the medical bag production lines allows to verify the integrity of the bag, the tubes and the inserted twist-offs, detecting any present impurities, of the fixed and variable printing and of the bag seals.


The needle control system

Moreover, our needle control system allows us to verify the geometry of the needle with centesimal precision, in addition to the presence and the height of the catheter.




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