Imago Vision - The future at the service of our customers and yours

The future at the service of our customers and yours

Through an objectified tracking system, which can be certified with Blockchain technologies, Imago vision systems guarantee certainty of results, with a capillary control of defects on the production line.
Its particular field of application could be to avoid further control of the incoming goods by the end customer, so as to allow their direct introduction on the production line.
This is the Free Pass mode, i.e. the acceptance of material in the absence of any verification.
Through Imago's services, the customer can achieve very high performance and the highest standards of quality control available on the market, without additional control expenses.
Imago offers its customers the reliability of the most advanced control technologies through a relationship of total trust: the strict respect of the contractual requirements and the complete transparency of the results obtained are always granted by our team.

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