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Settore Metallurgia

Thermoforming Sector


Imago has developed several visual control systems for thermoforming machinery. The systems are mainly used in the food and medical sectors.


Content Presence Control System (pre-welding): the checking software allows you to configure the following controls in a few simple steps: component presence, article matching, positioning, correct assembly, completeness, print presence.

Pre-positioning control system: allows you to stop the machine whenever fragments or foreign bodies are detected in areas that are to be subjected to welding, which protects the machine from damage.

Weld checking system: the system is able to verify the presence and the quality of welding, so as to identify any packages that are incorrectly sealed.

Print checking system: on the labels and/or films (upper and lower) you can set a series of checks to verify the quality of print and its legibility. The software can perform the following analyses: Logos, OCR, OCV, Barcodes, Datamatrix.


Software features: the software has some tools that allow you to deal with the many variables that arise in different production sectors. The strength of our software is the facilitated learning of objects and/or prints to be checked, which allows the user to quickly and easily configure the various formats, rendering them independent when new products are added.

Important too is the tool for reducing the reflections generated by variability in the thermo-formed items and/or objects to be checked, which often lead to sub-optimal functioning of visual systems.


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