Metallurgy sector

Metallurgy sector

For the Metallurgical sector, we have designed and implemented in-line straightness control systems and surface inspection systems for drawn products.

These control systems act directly on the drawn bars production line, managing the feed rates of the bars themselves, whilst respecting the time cycle of the production line.


The Sagitta straightness control system

The Sagitta straightness control system checks whether each extruded bar’s “arrow” respects the tolerances required by the processing machines for which it is intended. This system, in addition to checking the straightness of the bar, shows the collected data for each bar, highlighting any drifts; this allows the operator to intervene on the production line to make the necessary changes and immediately verify their effectiveness.


The matrix control system

The matrix maintenance verifies the wear of the die matrices over time, in order to guarantee that the production maintains the required tolerances and that the matrices can be maintained in their worn areas.


The bar inspection system

The bar inspection system, positioned directly on the drawing line, carries out the complete check of the surface defects of the bars such as cracks, dents, spots.


The pipe orientation system and the shape recognition system

We created these control systems to orient the pipes with respect to the internal or external welding, and perform the following processes in the best possible way.




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