Eagle - Dies Inspection Machine - Vision system for extrusion

Vision system for extrusion


DIE Inspection Machine
Device for dimensional control and cleaning of extrusion dies

Eagle - Dies Inspection Machine - Vision system for extrusion

Eagle: the new machine designed for the extrusion sector, able to perform a dimensional control with centesimal precision and ideal for all types of dies. Any shape can be inspected: flat, round, hexagonal, squared and any other profile. With this system it is possible to check every die and assure the highest product quality. Furthermore, specific areas can be set with different tolerances in order to have a more strict control in the most critical parts of the die.


The machine is equipped with a sandblasting chamber for the treatment and finishing of the die surfaces. The chamber is completely airtight and is designed for the sand recovery (abrasive). Thanks to the display placed on the housing it is possible to monitor in real time the progress of all operations, and view the data collected during the checks. In this way both the dies to be discarded and those in the deterioration phase are detected, through appropriate pre-alarm levels.

Eagle - Dies Inspection Machine - Vision system for extrusion

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Eagle - Dies Inspection Machine - Vision system for extrusion

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